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James Peck and the Black History Freedom Riders, Heritage Owl Spotlight

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

James Peck, a Harvard-educated pacifist, activist, and one of the Black History Freedom Riders. Once, after his mum "referred to Negroes as 'coons,'" Peck defiled her and his classmates by asking a black girl to be his date at the Freshman dance.

During one of the Freedom Riders rides, Peck was brutally assaulted by members of a racist mob in Birmingham, Alabama. He was so severely wounded he required more than 50 stitches to the head to survive.

Peck was known as an independent thinker. Although from a privileged and wealthy home, he never shied away from siding with the oppressed "underdogs"―evident in his many activist endeavors.

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