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We help realtors multiply their clientele — from finding clients to Property Virtual 3D Tour Videos and more — by leveraging Direct Mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Scent Marketing, and Advertising.

10X Your Clientele with Direct Mail & Digital Marketing Design Leveraging 

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Room Planner

Decorate with true-to-size furniture
that fits your space and style virtually.

Direct Mail Marketing

Our direct mail marketing materials (business cards, postcards, and brochures, response cards etc) offer COLOR COMBINATION TECHNOLOGY. Color combinations make designs come alive. It can attract attention, set a mood, and even influence our emotions and perceptions. We've painstakingly worked that out in our card designs so you can stand out from the competition.
Our direct mail marketing Plans from Premium and up come with inconspicuous ENVELOPES so your marketing materials can make the junk mail hurdle.  

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3D Virtual Tours

Don't just create 360 videos of your listing; add tour pathways within your 360° virtual tour to create connections between any space and enable a real walk-through experience from room-to-room or multiple floors.

Our mobile-friendly tour platform offers an easy-to-view 360° navigation experience. Resolve scheduling conflicts and eliminate travel costs with the ability to view a property 24/7. Visitors can rotate the entire room view from ceiling to floor with a single swipe of a finger. Set yourself apart from other real estate companies with the wow-factor!

Listings Landing Page 

Showcase a property in an immaculate one-page scroll — a well-designed and non-distracting page that highlights a particular listing and guides potential buyers down the path, builds trust, informs, and provides value to your visitors, and turn them into leads.

Scent Marketing 

Studies have shown ambiance and smell influential in buying decisiveness. Ambient marketing provides the highly competitive real estate agent with a way to diversify and stand out among cutthroat competitors. It offers that elusive and sought after extra edge of persuasion based on human olfactory capacities. We offer scent machines and well balanced essential oils like freshly baked pastries and cut grass: these are smells that can evoke powerful memories and incite an emotional response like decisiveness and a heightened sense of value. 

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Additional Services

We also offer:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Direct Mail Campaign Set-up & Sent to Recipients for you

  • Complimentary Promotional Marketing Materials

Perfect price, quality, addition!

Barb Bade, Wilson-Bade Group

Service provided was very affordable. 

I am not a technical person and really don't have the time to spend on my website.

[CLoveDove] was great at getting it all up and running smoothly.

Great Service!

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