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Presidential Benefactors of Black History/African American Heritage, Heritage Owl Spotlight

A few presidents were open abolitionists or benefactors of Black History like Ulysses S. Grant, John Quincy Adams, John F. Kennedy and others who lay the groundwork for the abolition movement and major change effected by the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson—from the Emancipation Proclamation, Juneteenth to the Civil Rights Bill.

Lyndon B. Johnson

One of only four people to have been a United States representative, the Senate Majority Leader, the 37th vice president, and the 36th president of the United States.

LBJ appointed the first African American to the Supreme Court, 'Thurgood Marshall' and the first African American cabinet member when he appointed Robert C. Weaver to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of Johnson's presidency was the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This law made most forms of racial discrimination including segregation in schools illegal.

In 1965 Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act which allowed the federal government to ensure that the voting rights of all citizens regardless of race were protected.

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