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Hispanic Heritage Month Activities & Resources

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities & Resources

Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15th to October 15th in the United States and is a time to celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of Hispanic and Latinx communities. Here are some activities you can do to celebrate and learn during Hispanic Heritage Month:

Explore Hispanic and Latin Heritage Sites:

Hispanic heritage sites are incredibly diverse. For instance, Alhambra Palace in Granada stands as a testament to the cultural fusion of Moorish (African, Berbers, and Arabs) in European and Spanish history. This ensures a more comprehensive and inclusive celebration of Hispanic heritage month.

Heritage Owl Virtual Reality (VR) flashcards allows students to virtually visit sites, even as a precursor to an actual visit individually or in group settings, and encourages interactive learning. Teachers, students, or families can quiz each other, play games, or have discussions about the heritage sites, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Hispanic culture.

Explore Hispanic and Latinx history:

Read books, articles, or watch documentaries about important historical events, figures, and movements in Hispanic and Latinx history, such as the Civil Rights Movement, Cesar Chavez, or the contributions of notable Hispanic and Latinx figures.

Heritage Owl Hispanic Heritage flash cards present information in a concise and straightforward manner. This format allows learners―especially those with learning disorders―to absorb key facts and details about each heritage site quickly and easily.

Learn about Hispanic and Latinx cuisine:

Try cooking traditional Hispanic and Latinx dishes or explore different cuisines from various countries. You can also attend cooking classes or food festivals that highlight Hispanic and Latinx culinary traditions.

Hispanic Heritage Wall Art:

Use posters and wall art to engage in conversations and promote understanding with classmates, friends, family, and col

leagues about Hispanic and Latinx heritage, diversity, and issues affecting the community. Encourage learning and understanding through dialogue and open-mindedness.

Fun and Engaging Printables:

Classroom activity crossword printables on Hispanic Heritage figures who have made breakthroughs in activism, science and tech, and role models in their communities, is a fun and engaging way to learn about Hispanic heritage and Latinx history. Heritage Owl offers crossword printables with the coupon code "FREE".

Other Resources:

Smithsonian Latino Center: The Smithsonian Latino Center provides resources, exhibits, and educational materials about Hispanic culture, history, and contributions to the United States. Visit their website at for access to online exhibits, educational resources, and virtual events.

National Hispanic Heritage Month: The official website for National Hispanic Heritage Month provides information about the history, significance, and events related to the observance. Visit their website at to find resources, virtual events, and educational materials.

PBS Learning Media: PBS Learning Media offers a collection of educational resources and lesson plans related to Hispanic culture, history, and contributions. You can find videos, articles, and interactive activities for students of all ages at

Cultural Organizations and Museums: Many cultural organizations and museums across the United States provide exhibits, events, and resources related to Hispanic heritage during Hispanic Heritage Month. Check with local museums, art galleries, community centers, and universities in your area to find exhibits and events happening near you.

Remember, these resources are just a starting point. There are many more books, documentaries, and cultural institutions that can provide valuable information and experiences related to Hispanic heritage and Hispanic Heritage Month.


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