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Black History & White Abolitionist Heritage Trivia, Heritage Owl Spotlight

In Jim Crow South, abolitionists Anna T. Jeanes* and Julius Rosenwald* of Sears and Roebuck contributed tremendously in advancing the cause of education for African Americans in collaboration with this educator and activist. Who was he?


* In 1907, Anna T. Jeanes transferred to the trusteeship of Booker T. Washington and Hollis B. Frissell the sum of 1 million dollars to be known as "The Fund for Rudimentary Schools for Southern Negroes" and to be used exclusively for the benefit of elementary negro schools in the South.

*Julius Rosenwald, a name synonymous with Sears and Roebuck with Rosenwald School Project (Program) discreetly collaborated with Booker T. Washington to build more than 5,000 schools, shops, and teacher homes—primarily for the education of African-American children in the early 20th century—that educated the likes of John Lewis, Maya Angelou, Medgar Evers, and many others.

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